About the developer

The fourth Passive House project for leading sustainable developer and builder, Cascade Built, Pax Futura brings healthier, high performance, comfortable living to the multi-family environment.  Slated to be the city’s first Passive House-certified apartment building, Pax Futura is designed for community-minded individuals who seek to live near a thriving historic business and restaurant district. They are socially conscious, more aware, care about the environment, and lean toward the innovative, forward-thinking side of life.  And of course, they appreciate having easy access to the Link light rail transit system. 

The project was named to reflect the developer’s belief that a peaceful future can be achieved through innovative design for energy conservation. Pax means “peace” in Latin, and Futura is a font that was created to express modern models, rather than be a revival of previous design. 

Still wondering if you want to live here? Here are three more reasons why we think you’ll love it:

  • You’ll get to be an early adopter, getting a first experience of what the future of living will be like

  • It’s much healthier and more comfortable than standard-built construction

And, maybe because, you’re a treehugger too.