High performance, superlative comfort, enviable living

Passive House is a European Standard for energy efficiency reducing the building’s energy use by up to 80%.  With the addition of solar on the roof, Pax Futura is a Net Zero Energy building, meaning its energy use is off-the-grid. Passive House building is very popular in countries like Germany and Belgium, and finally beginning to gain traction here in the United States as we become more aware of the environmental consequences of our actions. Living in a Passive House is the way we can curb climate change by reducing our carbon emissions, since buildings are the #1 producer of carbon gas. 

Here’s what you can expect!

  • Greater comfort - it’s not drafty. You won’t have heat blowing on you drying out your skin and hair
  • It’s very, very quiet - triple-paned windows and Passive House style doors create very little space for noise
  • It’s safer for this reason too 
  • The feeling of satisfaction that you’re off-the-grid!

“I love that it combines everything I care about - location, neighborhood, comfort and it’s super unique - not a boring building like every other apartment complex in Seattle”